Global Franchise Services

The story

Global Franchise Services was borne from our founder Brian Birnbaum’s decades of experience in both financing and franchising. As he was at the helm of a multi-national franchise organization in the alternative lending space, he realized a gap in alt-funding; franchise-specific alternative lending.

The Beginning

Brian had worked with Franchise Beacon as a client and had respect for their franchise sales ability, and their dedication to processes and procedures; solid processes make or break a lender, after all. So when his company was acquired, he started a joint venture with Beacon, and GFS was born.


As they were developing the alternative lending structures that are now encompassed in the Franchisor-Assisted Funding Program, they realized that they would best serve their clients under one banner. So, the services of GFS are now offered through Franchise Beacon, and Brian holds the CEO position in that company.  Here is where you find alternative financing in the franchise space.