Never before has there been a company like Global Franchise Services. Our unique background, experiences, and market positioning allow us to bring together relationships for franchisors and small business owners never before seen under one roof.

Franchisor Financial Services

We allow franchisors to provide funding to existing franchisees through a variety of alternative funding needs, all white-labeled and back-office serviced.

Franchisor Funding

Our unique funding vehicles can assist franchisors as well, when they find themselves in need of capital to grow.

Cross Border Services

We have years of operating as a franchisor simultaneously in the United States and Canada, and have gone through the steps of taking a large Canadian franchise into the U.S. and a large U.S. brand into Canada. We have the legal, marketing, and cultural expertise to guide your transition.

A Funding Company that does more

Finding funding for a franchise can be fairly easy. But once you have your small business, franchised or not, up and running, funding can be difficult and cash flow can be killer!  Let us help you get funding to manage cash flow, grow, or increase efficiencies!

Franchisors can be hampered by franchisees

Are you struggling because your franchisees lack access to capital? Let us help!

A Different way of doing business

Global Franchise services forges long-term relationships with our clients, be they small businesses or franchisors. Our team of professionals, whom you’ll meet soon, will work with you to find the right financing vehicle, get your documents done, get funded fast.