Release the power of the dollars tied up in your AR!

Accounts receivable can be a counter-intuitive nightmare. The more you sell, the more expenses you incur, but if you extend terms you don’t receive the capital to cover those expenses. What’s more, the faster you grow, really the better you are at your job, the more this can become an issue, as your production overhead continues to increase while you wait for the normal course of funding.

Imagine taking the capital tied up in your invoices and leveraging it to grow your business. Imagine a line of credit that grows lock-step with your business growth. Imagine just not thinking about AR.


Invoice for dollars

Trading AR for cash

Factoring is a fast, effective way to get cash in hand today if you are owed money, in the normal course of business, by credit-worthy customers.  In addition to quick, easy access to capital to fund and grow your business, we take on the tracking and collection process. More capital, and more time, for you to turn into more growth!