Get the tools to grow

There are few things more frustrating in business than looking at your bottom line and KNOWING that you could grow it if you could just get access to one more piece of equipment that you don’t have cash-on-hand for.

How does equipment leasing work?

Most equipment purchases are made in 1 of 3 ways: Either with cash on hand, borrowed money, or through a leasing program. For companies either in need of new equipment or stalling because of the lack of equipment, equipment financing programs are often a great solution, and are easy to get started.

Take control and get back in production

There are several key benefits to leasing.

  1. Stronger financials. Lease payments are not viewed as debt on a balance sheet. This brings a whole host of potential benefits including better credit terms and approval rates.
  2. Out with the old, in with the new. You know you need to stay on top of the advances in technology and equipment. Leasing allows you to bring in newer equipment and tech, faster.
  3. Keep control of cash. By saving your working capital or outside lines, you are able to better manage day to day and unexpected expenses.

Let us help you secure a lease on the equipment you need to grow, and let the equipment not only pay for itself but impact your bottom line at the same time! To really turbo-charge your growth, combine an equipment leasing line with a factoring line, and invest in your number one asset; yourself.

Signing the lease agreement