New Franchisor Services

Have you ever turned down a single-unit franchisee for a second unit, knowing that they would do amazing but they just wouldn’t be able to secure funding? Have you ever seen a franchise hit a growth wall and wished you had access to capital to help them? Has it ever baffled you that a prospective franchisee with no experience can get funding, but a successful but new franchisee can’t? Us too!

We’ve been there. Our CEO ran a multi-national franchise for 10 years. Our President has helped to launch 7 different franchisors and led several to top-of-class. We truly get the pains and frustrations of franchising. That’s why we launched, GFS, and that’s why we have developed the funding vehicle we created.

Are you ready to bring funding to your franchisees?

What if you were the reason your franchisees could grow unimpeded by a lack of capital? What if you brought the cash to the table that allowed your franchisees to realize their dreams? and what if, in the process, you eliminated a major headache for yourself? If you are in the B2B franchising space and your franchisees generate receivables, chances are we can get them access to capital.

An idea only a franchisor would think of

Our funding vehicle allows you to white-label our services and provide them to your franchisees. As far as your franchisees are concerned, you are providing the AR funding, but it is actually GFS providing you the capital and tools to do so. We facilitate the collections, we facilitate the underwriting, but it all goes through the franchisor. And when you collect, you take your royalties off the top! That’s why we say it’s an idea only a franchisor could think of.

Ready to bring your franchise to the next level?

If you are ready to explore funding options for your franchisees, let’s connect. We will do a comprehensive review of your business and, if there is a way to get your franchisees consistent funding, we’ll find it.