Grow your business with confidence

Global Franchise Services handles the needs of small, medium and emerging middle-market businesses while delivering the resources and service capabilities of a much larger financial services company. We can offer invoice loans, ABL, factoring, access to SBA and even hard money or investors.

The reason why what we do works is that we are partnered with top companies throughout the world who know us and have faith in us. Our CEO and founder Brian Birnbaum has been in the finance world for over 40 years and has helped launch two international non-traditional funding companies. That kind of experience gets doors opened, files expedited, and deals done.


When your working capital gets tied up in accounts receivable, growth can be difficult if not impossible. Aggressive sales staff and a successful marketing plan can even make matters worse, as your outstanding AR grows. Factoring gets you access to that cash you have tied up, and as a bonus it offloads the headache of tracking and managing AR.

Sometimes it’s not just the invoices (ABL)

Asset Based Lending is a financing tool that allows you to get fast access to cash when you are a growing business. Using not just your AR, but also other assets like equipment, inventory, and even real estate, we are able to get you funding that banks just can’t.

There’s more, so much more

If your business is successful but needs money to grow, chances are we can find a way to get you funding. Let’s talk!