Global Franchise Services Corp.: A fresh take on franchise development and funding

[Dallas, Texas, June 23rd]—Transforming a thriving business into a successful franchise is no easy feat—particularly given the lack of sound cash flow solutions available in the marketplace. Recognizing this, Brian Birnbaum and Michael A. Peterson recently joined forces to launch Global Franchise Services Corp.—a company dedicated to helping franchises of all sizes secure funding and foster business growth.

With a combined 31 years in the franchise industry, the two co-founders are well-positioned to fill the funding gap in the marketplace. Their extensive franchise experience, combined with cross-border expertise, places them in a unique position to support both Canadian and US companies, as well as those looking to expand across the border.

“During my time with Liquid Capital, I spent years honing my expertise on Canadian franchise procedures, laws and best practices—then I did it all over again for the US franchise network,” Brian says of his time with the factoring and alternative financing solutions provider. “This experience equipped me with a deep understanding of alternative financing, franchisee management, and the difference between US and Canadian franchise laws and procedures.”

In addition to being a founding partner of Liquid Capital, Brian was also the President of Liquid Capital of Canada Corp. and Liquid Capital of America Corp., where he was responsible for growing the organization’s franchise network. After co-founding the company in 1999, Brian helped that network grow to more than 70 franchises in five countries and across four continents—and saw it receive more awards than any other B2B franchise, including the prestigious World Class Franchise award for 10 consecutive years, the Bond Top 100 Franchise and the Canada Franchise Choice Award.

To complement Brian’s unique skillset, Michael brings an extensive array of franchising experience to the table. After six years of cutting his teeth at one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States—Play N Trade—Michael launched his own company, Franchise Beacon, in 2013. Franchise Beacon works with companies across all industries to develop and execute complete, comprehensive franchise development, management and compliance strategies.

The author the Amazon best-seller How and Why to Franchise Your Business, Michael also enjoys sharing his franchise knowledge as a volunteer with the International Franchise Professional’s Group’s Emerging Franchisor training team, numerous speaking engagements, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my franchising experience, it’s that it’s a very expensive endeavor. If you come into franchising with a shoestring budget—regardless of how promising your model or how hot your business is at the moment—it’s very unlikely you’ll make it to see your first franchisee,” Michael says. “Global Franchise Services is designed to help franchisors overcome this challenge and turn small companies into flourishing organizations.”

To learn more about how Global Franchise Services Corp. can help your emerging franchise, email Brian ( of Michael ( or call 949.282.7304

About Global Franchise Services Corp.
Global Franchise Services Corp. specializes in turning small companies into successful franchises by helping aspiring franchisors generate and execute robust franchise development strategies and providing their franchisees with top-tier funding solutions. With extensive experience in both the Canadian and US franchise space, we help companies across North America launch and grow franchises in their respective markets, as well as cross-border. To learn more about how Global Franchise Services is taking franchise development to the next level, visit